TITS Radio (Archive)

Want to hear some of our old live shows?  Find them all below for your listening pleasure.

October 1st – No Means No….Sir –  Your faves are back with quite a colorful convo.  The Shadee Ladies vent about the blood moon retrograde bringing unwanted zodiac problems and our long time friends Nemo and K.O. drop in for an unexpected sex chat.  (Disclaimer: NSFW.  That means Not Safe For Work.  Not that any of our other episodes are.  Lol)

September 10th – No F*ck Boys – The Shadee Crew discuss the “Kardashian Kurse”, social media foolishness, and they put an age limit on rap careers.

August 27th – Slangin’ Bundles – Half of the Shadee Crew is out, but guest hosts Mellow and NuNu fill in with Shadee Nae and DJ Mo Money.  Special guests DT and DC tha Great stop by to discuss women’s obsessions with bundles, the She’s Happy Hair brand, and their independent projects.

August 20th – Who’s Really Confused Here?? – Special guest Mr.380 stops by as Shadee Nae describes real life family drama that was aired out on the radio station the day before, the crew describes their thoughts on bisexuality, and we put Mr.380 through an round of Think Quick.

August 6th – Just. Stop. – Shadee Nae gives some tips on social media lurking and Petty Kash has an honesty moment about a tragedy that occured in her hometown of Shreveport, LA.

July 30th – Pro-Black is Fine With Us – Brace yourselves for this episode.  Shadee Nae tells Bobbi Kristina’s friends where they can kiss it and Petty Kash goes on a rant that would make Black Panthers everywhere proud.  Jay Kell and Boi Dru stop by to fill us in on Cloud Vijon’s upcoming events.

July 23rd – #SayHerName – The Shadee Crew sits down to review all of the mayhem and foolishness of the week and also take a moment to address their views on the Sandra Bland tragedy.

July 2nd – Petty Pendergrass – Shade Connoisseur Bigg Fatts stops by for the usual pettiness and shade & also discusses the recent damn-near-viral diss track exchange. **Disclaimer: The shade is at an all-time high*

June 25th – Kash’s Burfday Pordy – We celebrate Petty Kash’s bday with special guest and Everybody Love’s TITS mixtape artist Cooley Kimble.  We enjoy wine, healthy snacks, and random debates.  Turn uuuhhhh!!!

June 4th – Long Lost Cousin – The Shadee Girls meet their new intern and give him a full preview of what’s in store.  The convo varies from Caitlyn Jenner to sexual fisting.  And we even discuss beef with church ushers.

May 21st – Eazy With Tha Kutty Kat – The Shadee Crew debates on life with a thot stepmom and reality stars that look like cartoon characters.  Later, hilarious IG sensation Eazy Comedy calls in for a few quick laughs.

May 7th – #PrayerMeeting – Kash, Nae, and Kelo take on the longest Sick & Shut In list in Tea in the Shade.  Alter call includes everyone from the Kardashian clan to Chris Brown’s psycho visitor.  Be blessed!  

April 30th – Yeeeee in the Shade – Ms Up Boogie Base stops by to chat with Shadee Nae and DJ MoMoney, and he brings about 20 of his Ms Up brethren along.  We have a light listening party and a lightening round of Family Feud.  (Not really, but listen anyway.)

April 23rd – Parental Advisory – The Shadee Crew discusses the influence of television shows and the actions of psycho baby mommas.  (Sorry so short…..forgot to record the first half.  Don’t judge us.)

April 16th – Tim Bae, Fix My Life – Tim Bae sits in with the #ShadeeGirls and DJ MoMoney.  He takes calls, gives out advice, and Bae stops in for a few laughs.

April 9th – Three is Better Than None – The TITS Crew takes on a marathon list of interviews including Taz Da Realist, Navv Greene, and Gucci Robinson. (Be on the lookout for the Keith Sweat impersonations.)

March 26th – Snoballs and Hot Peez – Hot Peez and his “woes” stop by for a crazy night with the Shadee Girls and DJ Mo Money.  The topics vary from “White Hall” to teabagging.  Enjoy!

March 12th – Questions That Need Answers – The Shadee Girls and DJ Mo Money discuss random questions and thoughts that they’ve always wanted to share.  Extreme randomness leads to a hilarious night.

March 5th – Epic Tea – The Shadee Girls discuss Chris Brown’s alleged baby and cheap prom dress remakes.  Later they chat with their new bestie Tae Da Tea (don’t forget Da Tea!) also known as @DontH8Tae.  They discuss everything from NOLA accents to the #EpicStrutTour.  They finish off the show with a quick visit from old pal Superfly Mixx.

February 26th – Birthdays at Weiners – Jay Kell stops by for a visit with Kash, Nae, and Kelo to discuss everything from childhood birthdays to his new release “Muddy Melodies”.  Chef Boi Chops also stops by with a few random outbursts.

February 12th – V-Day Special 2015 – The ShadeeGirls & DJ Kelo discuss the importance of couples fighting as a team, the proper way to flirt at the club, and the art of giving fake names & numbers. SidePiece Philosopher J Smith joins in to answer questions and give advice on juggling your main & your sidepiece this Valentine’s Day.

January 22nd – Today I Got Time Cuzz – Kira, Nae, and Kelo enjoy some #tbt R&B and reminisce on the troubles of HS romance.  They also share stories of the original shade and tea, secret three-way calls.  And the ShadeeGirls use the Listener Tea segment as a chance to vent on social media foolishness.

October 30th – R&B Divas of Houston  The Shadee Girls are back!!!  Tonight they sit down with a few of the R&B Divas of Houston to discuss music, the life of a female in a male dominated industry, and they ponder @ButDoesSheWipeGood’s IG name.

April 17th – Sextapes, Separations & Mugshots The Shadee Girls are back to discuss all of the foolishness of the week.  They are joined by surprise guest Reggie Gohnson for a hilarious night of shade, laughs, and good music.

April 3rd – Uptown Baby!! After a long hiatus, Kira and Nae are back to shadee business.  The ladies are briefly joined by ‘Tha Luv Doc’ for a little reality show chat.  Then the ladies spend some time getting to know the infamous Peter Gunz as they discuss everything from his rap career to those dirty feet.

February 20th – Snatching These Edges Your favorite Shadee Girls are once again joined by the “Facebook Side Piece Philosophers” Josh Smith and Cheri Comeaux.  Together they discuss Side Piece Valentine’s Day & and rules to live by in order to avoid being on an episode of Cheaters.  Later, Kira and Nae give a lesson in the art of “shade”.

February 13th – Dusty Feet Valentines Kira and Nae spend a hilarious night enjoying the many impressions done by the talented Ms Shug Avery.  Later, the ladies tap into their inner Barbara Walters during an intimate interview with Propain, discussing everything from lottery spending to barefoot heauxs at the club.

February 6th –Petty Will Never Prosper The ladies chat about all the petty mishaps of the week including Cafeteria Repossessions, #SpeakAmerican (whatever that means), Cheerios vs. racial slander, Zimmy’s “celebrity” fight match, and more.  Also, O.N.E.  stops by to discuss his upcoming projects and how he holds it down for the Beige Brothers of America Association.

January 30th –Heaux….Stop Frontin’ Nae and Kira discuss several hot topics including the Grammys, Justin Bieber’s deportation petition, RHOA’s Beige-on-Beige Brawl, and people that stunt for social media.  For listener tea, Nae shows you what happens when you cross the “Shadee Girls”.

January 23rd – Hug Your Haters Kira and Nae are joined by reality tv star Porsche Abraham & LGBT club owners Big Yo and KKay to discuss all things shady.  Hot topics include Madonna’s racial slur, Justin Bieber’s arrest, and athletes gone wild!

January 16th – Facebook: Leave. Us. Alone. – The ladies are joined by stylist Neshia Kae, and DJ Spazz & Live.  They discuss reality TV, JoJo’s release, more side piece babies, and a tribute to Aaliyah.  For listener tea, Nae snaps on the troubles of Facebook messages & notifications.

January 9th – Side Piece Philosophy – The ladies are joined by infamous Side Piece Philosophers (Joshua Smith & Cheri Comeaux) for an informative Q & A session regarding side piece guidelines.  Also, TeaInTheShade.com guest blogger BritTheBrain stops by to introduce her new column “Until Death Do You Part: Love Advice from a Psychopath”.

January 2nd – Shoosh…..It’s Tea Time – The ladies chat with IG/Vine comedian Donovan Weatherspoon (@2RealMacDatFee), best known for his famous characters “Shoosh” and “Boston”.   They also discuss the new trend of sidepiece baby mommas and enjoy an entire night of N.O. Bounce.

December 19th – #NastyOrNah?? w/ MC Beezy – MC Beezy and friends stop by to play some of his favorite songs off of his mixtape Y.N.T.O., including new single “Fast Life”.  They also give Nae & KD a look into the mind of a Tenderoni.  

December 12th – Twerk Like Jhonni – KD and Nae speak with Jhonni Blaze on life as a Queen and her upcoming music. They are also joined by previous contest winner Neisha Kae. DJ Spazz and DJ Live are back with their favorite twerk music.

December 5th – Chalie Boy Growl – Nae & KD talk with Chalie Boy to discuss his famous growl; DJ Spazz & DJ Live stop by with an Old School hip-hop mix; Go MC Big Kountry stops by for some real talk….

November 21st – South/NY/M.I.A – The ladies initiate potential DJs DJ Spazz and DJ Live to see if NY’s finest can handle the shady southern belles. Also, special guest M.I.Yayo stops by for a hilarious night.

November 14th – Throwback Thursday w/ Go MC Kane.  Special guest MC Kane joins the ladies for a night of laughs and the 3 share their favorite 90’s R&B and Hip-Hop tunes……

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