New Year, New Habits


We are halfway through the first month of 2020.  How are you feeling?  Have you created resolutions?  Did you take a moment to sit down and write the things that you would like to manifest in the next year?  One important thing that we should keep in mind is that it takes time to create new habits (not to mention breaking old/bad ones).  So I did a little research and compiled a list of tips on creating new habits.

Start small…

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One of the most commonly discussed tips when creating new habits is to start small.   So, for example, let’s say you want to lose 100 lbs.  For your first goal, try 15 lbs.  Something small and easily attainable.  After you meet that goal, raise the bar to 35 lbs.  Keep going until you meet your overall goal.

Celebrate EVERY win…

It’s very important to stay encouraged along the way.  Making it a point to celebrate every single win helps you to feel accomplished.  Also, try to keep your “prizes” in the same avenue as your goals.  In the previous example, after losing the first 15 lbs, maybe treat yourself with a new fitness sweat band.  After crushing your next goal, splurge on a new dress that shows off your slimming figure.  Even though you are not completely where you’d like to be, you’ve still made changes from your starting point.  Give yourself the kudos!

Round up your cheerleading squad…

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A lot of times we focus on having accountability partners.  While that’s also important, you have to make sure you also have people that will openly acknowledge and celebrate your efforts.  We often underestimate ourselves or don’t really see the progress that outsiders can easily notice.  So surround yourself with people that will bring it to your attention and celebrate you as well.

Find a replacement

Another major tip to help survive those backsliding moments is to call in a substitute.  Frequently when people are trying to quit smoking, they chew gum whenever the urge hits.  Or how about those that find keto versions of their favorite snacks and desserts?   Not to mention, when you’re struggling with a recent breakup and you recruit a rebound bae to take your focus off of your ex.  Instead of focusing on what you can no longer have, turn that focus towards the things that you can enjoy.

Let’s get visual

At the top of the year we were pulling out poster boards and old magazines to create vision boards (well, I don’t know about y’all but I definitely did).  Who says you can only create one on New Year’s Day?  Create visuals to motivate you towards the finish line.  Hoping to go back to school and finally get that degree you’ve put off?  Cut out pics of a graduation ceremony.  Draw a chart to compare your current salary versus the salary for your dream career.  You want to have a visual reminder of your “why”.

Document the process

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(Not to be confused with a vision board, mkay?) Now, it’s time to plan.  Ever heard the saying “Write it down and make it plain”?  Create a list of ways you want to accomplish your goals.  Brainstorm and really put thought into how you can make it happen.  Think of potential issues that could arise and how you will handle them.  Remember to start small.  Are you looking to create better workout habits?  Don’t say that you will work out twice a day for 30 days straight.  Plan for rest days.  Plan which days you’ll do intense cardio and how many days you’ll do yoga instead.  If needed, revisit your plan and make any necessary changes.

Alright y’all.  You ready?  Let’s do this people!!!

Wishing you all much success and positive changes! – Nae

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Looking to share your goals with us?  Comment and let us know what you plan to accomplish this year.

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