New Music: Redman’s New Single “Black Man In America”

Hip-hop icon Redman released his newest single, “Black Man in America” today; and it’s perhaps his most poignant and culturally relevant message to date. With more than 20 years in the rap game, Redman brings wisdom, relevance and grace to a delicate subject impacting the world we live in.

Teaming up with Pressure on vocals and Riveting Entertainment for the visual, which he directed himself, Redman raps: “This black man made it in America. Can you believe how I did it? I had faith and God as my witness. I couldn’t just be an artist, I had to learn the business.” The visual takes the viewer on a journey through the trials and tribulations faced by minorities in America on a daily basis, including a police chase, a riot, vandalism and a startling, yet incredibly profound, scene in a church during a prayer group.

“The world and media inspired this video,” Redman said. “As an artist I felt it was a responsibility to shine the light on some of these subjects shown in my video. We living in a day and time where Internet and media rules and the outcome of that is more self destruction and racial tension.”

“When the Funk Doc played me this song it was obvious right away how important the message was and his vision for the video was crystal clear,” said Andrew Listermann, CEO and executive producer at Riveting Entertainment. “It’s great when an artist knows exactly what he wants to accomplish and my job is to make that happen. I think Redman’s fans will connect with the finished product and it will hopefully help create a positive change in the world.”

“Black Man in America” is available by following this link as well as on all streaming platforms.

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