How Tay Mitch Inspired Me

tay cover

Have you ever had a moment where you didn’t really know someone personally but you were proud of them? I don’t mean just smiling while you hit like on a Facebook post, but actually being filled with joy to see someone accomplish something? That’s what I experienced at Tay Mitch Day. Did I mention that I just met him not even a week ago? Let me walk you through the interesting turn of events that led to this moment.

Picture this….Sicily…1923..
Actually Houston, just a few weeks ago but just follow along.

I get an email from Shae over at Lemon-Lime Light Media regarding an interview for Mr Tay Mitch. The name sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure, so like the true social media detective journalist that I am, I hopped on Instagram to put a name to the face. At first glance, I see shirtless gym pics,  club/day party pics, and tweet images.  I knew our mostly female audience would love him visually, but would he really mesh well with our typical banter?

The thing is, when someone from Lemon-Lime Light Media emails you to book a client, you book that client.  Period.  So, I did.  And I’m soooo glad that I did.

The interview day arrives and he shows up on time and ready to get started.  Okay, bonus point already.  We get started, and…..I can’t really explain it.  You know how you may have had a late night partying on Saturday night and the next morning something in you is determined to get yourself together and get to church?   Then when you get there it seems like the sermon was written just for you?  That’s how this interview went.  He spoke on a lot of things regarding being a creative and finding your niche, but several times he said things to  Petty Kash and I directly, not realizing the confirmation that he was relaying to us.

One of the things that has stuck with me the most is the fact that he also grew up  in a small town and moved here with big dreams.  In the past few years he has been able to achieve so  many amazing things that a lot of us small town transplants didn’t even know we could dream of.  The newest feat: June 4th being named Tay Mitch Day in Houston, TX.  There was going to be a dope event to celebrate, and we were invited.

tay group

Okay so fast forward to June 4th aka Tay Mitch Day.   Media is here a little early to network and everyone is dressed to the  nines.  Once the event is officially open to the remainder of the guest list, it becomes a who’s who of your faves.  J Mac from  97.9, Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon, Kirko Bangz, the list goes on.  But most importantly, there’s Tay.

He’s dressed to kill (not that we’d expect anything different).  But you see him walking around to everyone, laughing and talking, taking pics, genuinely thanking everyone individually for being there to celebrate.  The live band is blending with the DJ on all of the jams.  Martell cocktails are flowing.  And everyone is just…happy.

tay n ladies

Growing up in a small town, quite often the main goal is to stay out of jail, move away, get a good job, and pay your bills.  Tay Mitch appeared and reminded me that life is whatever we want it to be.  There’s no limit to what you can want for your life.  It’s all about using the right tools and making the moves to create that reality.  Congratulations on creating an amazing reality for yourself Tay.  I look forward to cheering on your next accomplishments.  

tay proclamation


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