The problem with society

So ever since this whole ‘Usher gave me Herpes!’ fiasco I can’t listen to a song of his without cringing. One of his victims came forward and did a press conference; bravely recounting her experience with the star. The story she tells is not what’s getting attention, but her appearance is causing social media to say harsh things.

This alleged victim is a BBW and for this alone people think she lying.  I mean, women and men have been closet chubby chasers for years so what makes a superstar any different? Even if he isn’t a big girl lover, who says she was a big girl when the encounter happened?  It’s just crazy that the world sees a woman who isn’t in a single digit size and believe she ain’t got the juice! People need to get it together and realize #biggirlsrock!! Stop body shaming people just because they don’t fit your ideal of beauty. IMG_0349

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