Self Value

They say when people show you who they are believe them, but that’s a challenge for most of us. We tend to always see what We want to see and ignore the things that are unbecoming of the person. I guess you can say we see the best in people. What happens when all the bad starts crashing down on you like a ton of bricks? I’ve come to not believe words nor action because they contradict each other. People will tell you what you want to hear and also show you what you want to see just to use you. Being honest with someone doesn’t mean they will be honest with you and being loyal doesn’t mean a dam thing to people who don’t understand the concept. If you’re not respected enough as a person, you can’t possibly be respected as a friend. Self-Worth isn’t as easy as it may seem when there are people who show you that your worth isn’t enough. People’s actions and words will cripple your mind and your heart keeping you constantly doubting yourself. So at what point is enough enough? Are we suppose to become recluse and shut out the world? Are we supposed to build up that ‘wall’ that people try so hard to tear down only to help you build it back up? Once you learn to value yourself, those people who  are not worthy of you will come to light.

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