You Were BORN A Queen…..


born a queen

Hey Queen……

Yes, I’m talking to you.  Yes, you.  How did it feel when I greeted you as a Queen?  Did it make you feel important?  How about regal?  Good!  With IAmQueen we strive to celebrate the Queen inside all women.  Oh yes, we want you shining in the classroom, killing it in the boardroom, and shutting it down on the stage.

There is a Queen inside every woman.  What’s your inner Queen like?  Is she Fun and Fierce?  Confident and Proud?   Resilient and Insightful?   Don’t shy away from your inner Queen.  Embrace the power and strength that comes with understanding that you are a Queen from a long line of Queens.

Never underestimate the title of “Queen”.  Some mistakenly envision Queens as women undeserving of position and power; enjoying a pampered comfortable life their title provided.  Well, that doesn’t describe any of the Queens we ascribe to.  Familiarize yourself with our favorite Queens.

The Queens we know and love were fierce rulers, fearless commanders and noble leaders.  They were women who were equal, if not greater, in power to their husbands.  They required the respect and attention of hundreds of men, leading them to battle in defense of their land and people.  So, don’t sleep on the extraordinary influence that Queens had on nations, politics, and kingdoms.


This royal label is not banished to a distant past. It absolutely applies to women today. Queens are alive and well. They are Moms and Sisters. Executives and Artists.  Educators and Innovators.

A Queen knows her worth. She exudes dignity and integrity.   She operates at a high level and accepts nothing but the best.  One of the most successful women ever, Oprah, explains it like this:

“Think like a queen.  A queen is not afraid to fail.  Failure is another stepping stone to greatness”.

So, it’s not that a queen won’t ever experience defeat.  She might face rejection and disappointment.  She may even get down on her luck.  However, a queen doesn’t stop when she hits a wall.  She finds a way around it.

Now, the important question:  Are you ready to embrace your inner queen?

I Am Queen.

Are you?

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