Drop The Labels


     We live in a world consumed by labels.  It’s a constant war of who’s way is the best way.  For instance, we unconsciously label individuals as fat or skinny, poor or rich, good or bad, single or married and the list goes on and on.  Many times, we allow these labels to define us, instead of taking the time to develop ourselves into what it is that we want to be.  We take the safest route which places ourselves into a box.

     Even in the ever-changing world of hair, many times we are forced to identify with a hair type.  It’s usually a battle between good vs. bad hair, natural vs. relaxed hair, curly vs. straight hair, long vs. short hair.  To take it a step further, there is also a battle between women who are natural and wear their natural manes and women who are natural but prefer to wear weaves.

hair types

     I must admit, I have been guilty of judging those who chose to be natural and wear weaves. My argument was why go natural if you are not willing to wear your real hair. It’s as if I felt that women who didn’t sport their natural crowns of glory were hypocrites. How senseless could I be?

     Many women who opt to wear weaves do so to protect their natural locks. Natural hair is defined by BlackHairAbout.com as “Hair whose textures hasn’t been altered by chemicals straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers.”   Therefore, a woman who is natural and decides to wear weave is just as natural as the woman who decides to do a wash-and-go or Bantu knots.


     The beauty in hair and in life is there is no one way to do anything.  There is no rule book on how to BE NATURAL. If any of you are like me you simply experiment and see what works best for you. There are many women who have made the decision to no longer use a chemical to alter the natural texture of their hair and there are many women who will never make that decision.  Does that make either right or wrong?

     We should never allow anyone or anything to dictate what we should do and who we should be. It’s my belief that we all were born with a supernatural compass that directs us to the awesome lives we were created to live. It is when we bury our compass that we lose ourselves and conform to the labels of this world.

     I challenge you to release the labels that have imprisoned your psyche and to live a life that when you look back on you will say…. “I stayed true to me. I didn’t conform to what and who they said I should be.”

Here’s today #HairTipTuesday vlog.  I hope you enjoy!!!!  (And comment!)

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