Introducing ….. IAmQueen


A queen is what every woman strives to be, and the ultimate goal is to embody the definition of “Queenin’”.   As women, we demand power, respect, love, and BEAUTY; and what makes us feel more beautiful than our hair? The power is in the crown! This is exactly what IAmQueen LLC the beauty brand strives to embody through their various products and services.

So who is IAmQueen? What do we do? Well, IAmQueen is all about young girls and women empowerment. Everything about our brand inspires all females to embrace the characteristics and traits of known Queens combined with their own personalities to become the best version of themselves. Our goal is to help women understand how to love everything about themselves even their naturally kinky curly big hair! There are many fascist to this beauty brand such as texture hair extensions, the Queen Box, and “The Natural You” class.

young queen

What are we bringing to “Tea in the Shade” you say? First our love for the Black Queen and secondly Hair Tip Tuesdays where we will dive in to all fascist of hair from natural, relaxed to extensions. Our Founder and co- owner Queen Astoria (Ms_Stori), an experienced hairstylist and Educator, will take you on a journey through her hair story with tips and experiences with different product lines. Each week there will be a video and or blog that helps you on your own hair journey.


Now you’re probably wondering who is Astoria? She is a proud Jackson State University alumni and experienced Hairstylist/Educator of 10+ years, who drew her inspiration from her mother whose name is Queen. She feels empowered to have been raised by a woman who embodied the ideals of a true queen and wants to empower other women to feel that same way. She is also the Industry Relations Coordinator for Great Clips, Advisory Board member of The Texas Black Women’s Expo, Current Coordinator of “Little Miss Happy Head Pageant, and philanthropist who love to give back in her hometown of Houston, TX.


IAmQueen also teaches a class called “The Natural You” which is an interactive class designed to help you learn your hair texture, what and what not to use, and learn to embrace your coils and curls to make it manageable for you and your child. To learn more about IAmQueen follow them on social media and catch them every Tuesday with “Tea in the Shade”.

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