Do You Suffer From MJB Syndrome?


 Now, before you get the wrong idea….please know that this post does not contain any shade whatsoever.  I love my imaginary auntie Mary J Blige.  Nah..fa real fa real.  I love that lady.  Like, kick your shoes off and fight if you hear somebody talk down on your girl type of love.  This post is about a certain impression that we all have of her.  Her life and how it connects to her music, most importantly.  For lack of better words, I’m calling it a syndrome.  And I think it’s one we all suffer from.  Let me explain.

Lately, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul has been all over the blogs after filing for divorce.  Especially once rumors spread that Superhead played a part in their marital strife.  Although our hearts broke for her, you couldn’t help but feel a liiiiiiiiittle bit of excitement for how fire her next album will be.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m not one of those “misery loves company”types.  Mary J has been very open about her life struggles.  I really hoped that she had found her happily ever after.  Unfortunately, life is never that simple.  One thing we do know is that Mary is quite talented at channeling all of her pain and emotions into some incredible ass music.


That got me to thinking though: Is that really a bad thing?  I mean, when life gut punches you and kicks your damn teeth out, shouldn’t you straighten your wig and come back harder?  (After a day of two of crying and singing “Smoking Cigarettes” by Tweet, of course).  

Let’s be real….life ain’t always fair.  Disappointment (at least for some of us) is always waiting around the corner for us.  You meet that “great guy”, tell all your friends about him, then he stops calling bc you didn’t bust it open like a Lime-a-rita when he asked for some.  Or, you put your all into a project at work.  You stay late, go above and beyond, and lil dingbat Sarah with the short skirts gets praise for making copies.  It happens.  But we should all take a page from our favorite auntie Mary’s book.  Put on some oversized hoops and your good feathered wig.  Slide on those thigh high boots.  And two-step your way to greatness.


  Be at peace, not in pieces Beloved. ~ My other auntie, Iyanla Vanzant

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