BGM Series #4: Why You Should Know Za of @FBFFitness


Ok, look.  I don’t really have an interlude for today’s post.  I’m just gonna say it.  A lot of us (i.e. damn near all of us) women deal with weight issues.  Well this beautiful goddess, Zakia Blain aka Za, is who you need to have in your corner.  Before I go into my spill, let’s take a look at the receipts.


Now THAT’S a before & after pic.  Girl!  If I could just get my damn face to transform like that, y’all wouldn’t be able to tell me shit.  Okay??  

Anyway, back to business.  Za is the founder of FBFFitness.  I’m sure you’re asking “What does the FBF stand for?”  Here’s an explanation from her website:

ZAKIA BLAIN, STARTED HER FITNESS JOURNEY DUE TO EXTREME ILLNESS…she was tired of LITERALLY being SICK and TIRED. One day she was working out in 90 degree heat, sweating and out of breath. Her workout partner screamed “FUCK being FAT”. At that very moment FCKbeingFAT was born.

That’s right.  “Fuck Being Fat” Fitness.  How can you not love her at this point?

Her website FBFFitness provides soooo many resources to help you get your weight under control.  Her most popular service is the FBF Challenge.  Actually, my sis Petty Kash and I have each tried the challenge.  I definitely look forward to doing it again.  It helped me not only with the physical, but also the mental aspect.  You are placed in GroupMe groups and can talk, ask questions, and receive much needed support.  Her challenges are normally $25 and last for 8-wks.  You can find out more info —-> HERE

The website also has a Shop area where you can sign up for the next challenge or purchase some of the many weight loss/workout products and attire.  Food journals, detox tea, body shapers, shirts, and so much more.  


(Just take my whole damn check Za, please…lol)

But seriously, weight is a struggle that I am all too familiar with.  It’s nice to see someone overcome the struggle and assist thousands of ppl achieve their goals as well.  If that’s not a prime qualifier for Black Girl Magic, I don’t know what is.  Please check her out.  You won’t regret it.

Instagram: @FBFFitness

Website: FBFFitness

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