BGM Series #3: Why You Should Know SDotNoel



Picture it….Houston, TX….Starbucks on Richmond Ave.   My friend says to me “Nae….I know you follow SDotNoel on Snapchat, right?”  I respond “Girl, who is that?”.  That’s the day my life changed for the better.  See, my friends know that I’m goofy as shit.  I’m always down for good laughs.  When I tell yall that nothing brings me more laughs than her social media skits….lawd.  But wait….there’s more to her than that.

First off……homegirl can saaaaaang.  Not sing, not hold a tune, but mamas (I stole that from her) can sang dooowwwn.  Yall can doubt what I’m saying if you want, but you know that I believe in the power of receipts.  She previously traveled the country as a background vocalist for Ciara.

And you can find more of her music —–> HERE (You’re welcome #BlessUp)

But you know why I really love her?  If you know me, then you know that I LIVE for my imaginary auntie Iyanla Vanzant.  I really stan for that lady.  If she had her own version of the BeyHive, I’d definitely be the president.  And anybody who said otherwise could catch these hands, mmkay?  But I digress.  This incredible child of God does the most impeccable, spot on Iyanla impersonation imaginable.  Watch….

Now aside from that, she uses the different SnapChat filter to create different characters.  Her videos always bring a good kee-kee.  For real.  But my all time favorite SDotNoel character requires no filter at all.  Just a good blonde wig and an extra-smedium sweater.  It with great pleasure that I introduce you all to……”Her”

Is that shit funny or nah?  You know it is.  

Now, I’ve done my due diligence to get you up to speed with all of her awesomery.  Please make sure you follow her and subscribe so you can get the laughs that I enjoy on the daily.  You can click the links below to get straight to each account.


Instagram: @SDotNoel

YouTube ChannelSDotNoel




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