BGM Series #2: Why You Should Know Kashmir (@KashmirViii)



Ok….yall know I like to start my blog posts off with random stories….no, let’s call it interludes (I’m fancy!!).  So listen.  As an adult, I’ve always regretted not taking the common advice to “Enjoy your childhood.  One day you’re going to wish you did.”  Man, I’d give anything to relive some of my teenage years.  So I’m extremely sentimental and reminiscent of the 90s (All the 90s babies say “Owwwwww”).  

Anyways, let me tell you about the goodness of the Lordt.  Somehow, I randomly stumbled upon Kashmir’s IG page @KashmirViii.  Man…..her merchandise is exactly what my soul needs.  She sells prints, coasters, handbags, tote bags, notebooks, shirts, skirts.  You name it, it’s probably on there.  But that’s not the best part.


She has created these items using basically everything you could possibly love about the 90s, the best shows and movies.  I’m talking Living Single, Martin, Fresh Prince, Juice, Do The Right Thing, A Different World, House Party, the list goes on child. 


And sometimes, she’ll create items off of current brilliance.  In other words she makes dope Beyonce items too.  Mmkay?  Since my pocketbook was in a good place in life and she was having a sale I was able to pick up some clutches for my sis Petty Kash and myself.


I encourage you to check out her page ASAP-iddy.  She is so talented and super creative.  And let’s be real, we all miss the 90s.  At least you have an opportunity to rock some of your faves.  You KNOW the merchandise is good when it has it’s own hashtag (search #kashhive and get ya life).

Check her out on Twitter & IG (@KashmirViii on both) and you can purchase her merchandise on her site at  Thank me later.

*cues “Living Single” theme song as my exit music…*


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