BGM Series: Why You Should Know Danielle Ayoka


I know you’re wondering….”What the hell is BGM?”.  Let me give you a little backstory first.  Follow me.

Picture it…..Houston, TX…..August 2016.  We’re live on Tea in the Shade Radio Show.  Our special guest, Danielle Ayoka (astrologer extraordinaire) is currently reading me for filth.  Not in a bad way.  But more of a “Sis, look.  You know you need Jesus.  But here’s how we’re gonna get you to a better place in life.”  During the reading, she mentions that I would be a great writer.  Short stories especially.  Me?  Naw.  Writing isn’t my thing.  But then common sense kicks in and reminds me that I’m supposed to be a blogger.  

The reading was unbelievably accurate and helped me so much.  I’m so thankful that we had her on the show.  But that’s what Black Girl Magic (BGM) is really all about.  And that gave me an idea.  I’ve decided to use the month of September to share some of the black female entrepreneurs that I admire.  Starting off with…..Danielle Ayoka.  The magical sista that has inspired this month’s series.


Danielle Ayoka (@MysticxLipstick on Twitter and IG) is an astrologer.  But that title doesn’t really describe her well enough.  She’s like the brutally honest best friend that can damn near tell what dumb ass choices you’ve made just by the tone of your voice.  She’ll tell you what you need to hear and tell you how you can fix/improve it.  I knew we were in for an interesting reading when I looked at her Twitter feed.


I know some ppl aren’t into astrology and things of that nature.  Ok, cool.  But if you are I’d seriously suggest that you follow her on Twitter and check out her site to sign up for readings and/or healings.

Tip: Check out her Twitter for info on her Full Moon Ritual.  That’s also on my to-do list.




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