Girlfriends Against Xbox: The Follow-up

Girlfriends Against XBox

Back in November 2015 I shared five legit reasons why I am the President of The Girlfriends Against Xbox Committee. I was hoping that in writing the post I would feel better about him playing ALL THE DAMN TIME! But I don’t and I am not over it; I am still angry! Like, I should feel different because I released the anger and frustration by blogging but nah.  From time to time we get into arguments and beef still about his time spent playing the Xbox One. At this point he spends so much time playing, he should be a professional gamer. I will accept the Xbox ONLY if they send a monthly check. Yes, I need to be paid for all of the time he wastes playing. While I intend for this follow-up to help with my frustrations, I highly doubt I will come away feeling different.

In the last post I touched on the location of the console, time spent playing, Madden Football League, his outburst and how my electric bill increased. The Follow-up will touch on his new game(gamer friends) & how his playing affects our communication. If you recall the first post I mentioned that he constantly plays Madden, NBA2k and some shooting game Call of Duty. This year there’s a new one called, Rainbow Six Siege. Seriously, I cannot take any more games added to what he already obsesses over.

  1. Rainbow Six Siege. His mother gave him this game for Christmas. He asked me to buy it. Ha! Hell to the naw…to the naw, naw, naw. I wasn’t and will not purchase any games for him. I will not support this addiction. Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting game where you’re apart of the Rainbow team, a counter-terrorist unit, that attempts to kill the other team, terrorist. Objective: rescue hostages, defuse bombs or stop the enemy/terrorist from killing the Rainbow team. Basically, the team that kills everyone on the other team first, wins that round. The game is played in rounds and each round is a couple of minutes. I think there are 3 rounds. Teams are made up of five, you and 4 other niggas wasting their wives or girlfriends time gamers. You then select which operator of the Rainbow team you will be. Each one has special tactics, tasks and weapons. I was okay with this game at first because not all of his friends had it. Which meant he couldn’t play all day long. Only when a certain losers were online to play. At least that is what I thought. Recently, I noticed he was playing this game more than usual. So being my nosey self, I asked him was he playing with his normal crew. His reply: No, I am playing with some of the guys from my football league. Sir…really? You are playing this new game with the same niggas you play Madden with? I cannot take them anymore. They already take you away from me with Madden and now with Rainbow Six Siege!!?? Again, you don’t know these niggas or their real names, why spend so much time with them? Why sit up here and talk to them when I get home? Do that shit when I gone but when I’m home, it should be Kira and Devon time.aykmThat brings me to…
  2. Communication. When I get home from work he’s already there. He doesn’t have a set schedule; there are days he could get off between 2pm and 4pm. According to him, his days are long at work and playing the game is his wind down time. Ok, cool. However, when I step over the threshold, game should go off. Not necessarily for the rest of the evening but damn give me an hour of your time bruh. I am a true Cancer, I need to hear and feel the love. I demand attention. If I don’t get attention, I pick a fight.  It seems that the game is his first and most important priority. I just want to be asked how was work or how was your day and he actually listen to my reponse. He may hear me but he isn’t actually listening in order to continue conversation. In my opinion, which this blog is, he spends way too much time attached to his phone and headset. Seriously, we barely have conversation where his phone isn’t in his hand. Along with playing the game and communicating with the other gamers, he is actively in discussions with everyone in the league via the Draft Kings Facebook group. If I was to snoop through his phone I wouldn’t see any communication with bitches, only niggas. Sounds a bit homo right? It’s not. LOL! They discuss league games, rules, trades and trash talk. Again, most girls would be thrilled and happy that their man is home and not roaming the streets cheating but when his other woman is an Xbox, it seems like he is. I hear you chatting with these niggas as you play online and I see you in multiple Facebook group conversations with the same niggas. It isn’t that much talking in the world. Hell if it was, your ass would be talking to me. What about what I need? What about me…? What about meeeeee?*in my Effie voice.


Please excuse my excessive complaining as the one person that should have read the first blog and should read The Follow-up is Devon. He hears my complaints often but maybe reading them will makes things sink in.  He won’t read them though and that may be a good thing.

Ladies, if your man plays games obsessively, sit him down and have a conversation about it. Don’t let him get into the habit or routine of taking time away from you to play the game. There are many things I could do that will take up my time but I don’t because I am conscience of his feelings. I never want him to feel like something is more important to me than he is. His words say, ” you are first babe” however his actions are saying the opposite. Being in this on and off 12 year relationship, we were bound to pick up hobbies and habits that the other doesn’t like. I am sure he could write a blog himself about the shit I do. Wouldn’t be interesting though.  Time spent growing together and wanting to come together as one should force those habits and hobbies to the back burner. Women are often able to sacrifice most things for love while men struggle to sacrifice anything. I find myself asking if he will be super gaming when our children arrive. Again, his words say one thing but will we see what his actions show.




Petty Kash

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