The Bitter Betties of Social Media


We’ve all seen ’em.  The ones lurking in the comments on Facebook and Instagram.  Ready to take a meme too serious or debate about trivial shit on a post intended to inspire and motivate us.

This weekend brought out the worst of the worst.  There were two major events that had folks showing their true colors.

The Paris attack:  Some of y’all were really upset with people for changing their profile pics and posting their condolences and prayers for Paris.  (I mean the absolute audacity of people.  Caring about someone else’s tragedy.  Who does that?)

Yall, I promise that people can be capable of caring about more than one cause or group of people.  I can advocate for Black Lives Matter and still care about the tragedy in Paris.  Not only that, I still have room to care for LGBT equality and Killah’s #SpendWitChaFriend challenge.  And more importantly, who are you to tell me who/what to pray for?  Chile bye.


Essence Atkins and Her Act of Kindness: Here’s a lil background- Essence was in Atlanta doing a promo radio tour for the stage play Things Your Man Won’t Do.  The discussion started as “What Men Won’t Do” and ended up turning into “What Would Jesus Do?”  Just watch the video, then I’ll continue my rant.

A very popular entertainment blog posted a small snippet of the video on their IG page.  I could not believe how much negativity there was in the comments.  And I’m sure that half of those heffas don’t even realize their Bitter Betty status.  Here are actual quotes of the bullshit:

“Eww.  I know this is about Jesus but that is someone else’s feet.”

“This is cool and everything but I can’t get past that forehead.”

“She wanna wash feet for a crowd but I bet she didn’t even ask her for her telephone number to keep in touch with her.”

Like……naw bruh.  No ma’am Betty.  What could possibly have made you so ugly on the inside that you can’t even see the bigger picture?  This well-known, established celebrity kneeled down on the floor to wash another woman’s feet, the same way that Jesus did before being crucified.  On top of that, also giving the woman a much needed pat on the back. Could it be that you need it for yourself, so you can’t be happy to witness it happen for someone else?  Even if you’re not a Bitter Betty, I’m sure you can admit that this is a real problem, right?  Well let’s fix that….

To the person reading this:

Whether you’re male or female….gay or straight…black, white, or any other ethnicity…..I love you.  I appreciate you for taking the time to read this post.  I don’t know what your struggle may be, but I will say an extra prayer for you before I close my eyes tonight.  Stay strong.  Stay prayed up.  Keep pushing.  I believe in you.  If you need a word of encouragement, hit me up on any social media or stop me if you see me out and about.  Life is hard, but don’t you give up.  You hear me?  God’s got us.  Have faith in that.  I pray that God answers your prayers.  I pray that He opens doors for you.  And I pray that you can have enough peace in your life to pass these well wishes on to someone else.

As they say at St. John’s Church here in Houston, TX…..I love you.  And there’s nothing you can do about it.

– Nae

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