Girlfriends Against Xbox

Girlfriends Against XBox

Ladies, we all have that live in. The one with the dumb dick that has stolen your heart. That one you decided to move in with; you know, the man you’re going to marry?! Yea, him! He treats you nice, provides and lays the pipe takes care of home. However, he has this addiction..this obsession with playing games. I’m not talking about relationship games. I’m referring to video games and this one particular video console, the XBOX ONE.

I am so over this shit! He is in a football fantasy league on Madden, which is the one that he focuses on the most. Then there’s 2K, Mortal Kombat, some shooting game etc. When I tell you my feelings against this game console has really grown. On my bad days it really drives me mad. Yes, I was aware he played video games and never complained about it. We were younger, he was playing games at home and I was painting the town red. I really thought he would slack up and not play as much. I was so wrong, so damn wrong.

I have to get some of this frustration out. I scream enough about it every Thursday night on Tea In The Shade Radio Show (plug), I might as well blog about it.. makes things easier at home. So here are Top Five Reasons Why I am THE Head Girlfriend Against XBOX.

1. Location! Location! Location!  We live in a 1- bedroom apartment. It’s small not tiny but not large by any means. He plays XBOX in the bedroom. There is another TV in the living room, so this isn’t about me not being able to watch TV. My issue with the location is that if he has a league game or playing 2K, I have to wait until he is done to lay it down. When I am sleepy, I want to sleep in my bed, right at that moment. I don’t want to fall asleep on the couch, you wake me up, I relocate, then have to “easily” fall back asleep. No! Absolutely not! I don’t want to be inconvenienced. Call it what you want. I love sleep and appreciate every minute of it I can get. I deserve to not be interrupted.  MommaDee.gif

2. He’s Constantly Playing. I don’t want to give the impression that he is a fuck boy and home all day playing the game. He works 5-6 days a week, 8 hours a day and deserves some down time after work, I get it. But gaaahhhhdamn Gina, don’t play all night!! I get home, he’s on the XBOX. He would say it’s to get his league game out of the way “so we can do shit”…ok. We don’t do “shit”, whatever shit is. We move on and he continues. And will sometimes continue until my bedtime. Really depends on the day of the week or if it is his bye week. Most times he eats his dinner while….you guessed it, playing the game. I have dinner at the table by MY. DAMN. SELF. No exaggeration. He peeps in from time to time to talk, roll up relax or to celebrate his win. Again, this is not everyday but its noticeable.

3. Madden Fantasy League. If that’s even what its called. He in this fantasy league on Madden where he plays random people. They communicate via a Facebook group and its very professional. There’s a commissioner and serious league rules you MUST follow. There is a game every week, except on his bye week. However, there can be two games per week depending on how quickly the league advances. That means, if every team plays their weekly game in a day, the next day it is already the next week in fantasy land. They blow through this league pretty quickly. Hell, he just won the “Superbowl” and drafting a new team. Play the league game once a damn week like football in real life! You are already playing other games on the XBOX. Playing multiple league games a week and the other games are obsessive to me. in addition, there is also a very strict schedule. People are from all over the country & on different time zones and shit. WE I have to fit in around the schedule of his game. Date night happens once he has played his league game. League games sometimes have impact on travel arrangements. The XBOX does not control me! These people I don’t even know have a schedule that I have to follow. I have to take time by jumping in there and asking questions about it just to be involved. Hence, the above explanation.   I am selfish, yes. I want my man to myself! When I want him. I love that he is home and not in these streets though…I really do. Just venting. scandal

4. Outburst. May I remind you all that we live in an apartment. Thin walls should immediately come to mind. No one has time for excessive neighbor noise! I hate when my neighbors are loud and unruly. His ass dew tew much!! He talks to some opponents and be talking mad shit. It gets real over Fantasy Football. Even when the shit talking continues on Facebook, he is out of control loud. NBA2K brings the most noise. I have to get up and make a scene in order to get him to realize how loud he is. I don’t think he hears himself sometimes. I’m laughing as I type this but I am so serious!! LOL!!! I also am not aloud to talk to him while he’s playing a league game. The door is closed and he is in the moment; until he wins and the hooting and hollering begins!! Also recall how I mentioned what we do to relax. We do not need the attention. All I need is for them to get tired of smelling that shit and report our asses. Aint nobody got time for that!! dead

5. Running Up My Electric Bill. Seriously, my monthly electric bill has increased since this XBOX came into my daily life. I hate to be country and really have the mindset that it is. But you have to understand that I see the difference. Too much equipment that gets hot when playing. It is always plug in, generating heat and using electricity. The electric is my bill so I monitor it. I’m just saying I see an increase… It’s a solid reason!

I am not saying he cannot play at all and by no means do I want to take it away or for him to quit leagues. I just think there should be balance. Balance with anything is the key. At the end of the day we both have to be compromising and willing to make it work. I’m sure there is a blog he could write about me in return. Points are probably not as valid but he can take a shot. We make it work and sometimes I simply ignore his ass once he’s done spending time with his XBOX. Men crave attention; so when something else has my attention he gets his mind right, peeps back in to talk, roll up relax and talk about his win.


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