Why You Should #SpendWitChaFriend This Month….


You know how you initially start following somebody on Twitter because they are too damn funny?  But then you realize that they can actually be serious and thought-provoking?  Well for me, that person is most definitely @thekillahbee. (Go ahead and follow her so your timeline can be prosperous.  Thank me later).

Well last night as I was playing like I didn’t have work in the morning scrolling thru Twitter, I kept noticing the hashtag #SpendWitChaFriend.  Apparently, my Twitter fave was the master mind of it all.  (Oh, and shout out to @PercivalPenman for hipping me to the challenge).  I contacted her to get the deets and figured this is something we should all take part in.  Here’s what she had to say:

So, basically I realized that I spend so much money with people that I don’t know & never with all of the people that I actually do know.  I decided to challenge myself and all of my friends & followers to spend money with at least ONE friend in the month of November, no matter how big or small.  I would like for everyone to support a local small business and post about the good or service to help get the word out to others.  If no one will put us on, we’ll put ourselves on.


First of all, did that last sentence hit your spirit??  Cuz I swear you can pass the offering right on this way.  But in all seriousness, she’s right.  We ALL know one, if not several entrepreneurs that probably aren’t getting the proper support or dues that they deserve.  And if you don’t, that’s a whole other issue that we’ll save for one of my Iyanla days. We’ll repost overused memes for likes but won’t post about something that a friend or acquaintance is putting their all into.

So for the month of November,  I’m accepting Killah’s challenge, and I’m also challenging everyone reading this post.  Support at least one person that is the owner of a small business.  (And no, buying food stamps doesn’t count.)  Spend money with a small business owner and post about the product/service on Twitter and/or Instagram with the #SpendWitChaFriend hashtag.  At the end of the month, if there are at least 200 reviews, Killah is planning to throw a party to celebrate.

There are already numerous recommendations being made.  Go ahead and search the hashtag #SpendWitChaFriend for recommendations on everything from resume writing (@SimplyCecilia), food (@ItsElmosWorld), to vodka cupcakes (@ExclusiveSweetsByTiaa).  So, gather those coins and let’s make it happen. I’ll be looking for your posts!

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