Teairra Mari Arrested Over Uber Fight

teairra mari

Apparently good service is hard to find, even for reality thot starlette Teairra Mari.  Wednesday, after having lunch, Teairra called for an Uber driver to pick her up.  Shortly into the ride she realized her phone was dying and she asked to use his charger.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  We all know there’s two sides to every story.  Check out both sides and tell us which one you believe.

He Says: The driver claims that he politely told her no and she immediately became irate.  He says that she started punching him and snatched his phone charger.  That’s when he pulled over and asked her to get out of the car but she refused.

She Says: Teairra’s version is that he is the one that was rude and irate. She also claims that she only “tapped” the driver after he pulled over the car and told her to get out “like she was a f#cking prostitute” (her words, not mine).

In the end, the cops were called out to the scene and they reportedly found his charger in her purse.  She was then charged with battery and theft.

Teairra girl……just stick to what you were doing in the last season of LHHH…..drive yourself around in that big ass SUV and climb in the backseat to make ppl think you have a chauffeur.  You want to be the female version of Joseline Hernandez so bad, but you gotta chill.  


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