#BaeWatch: Mendeecees Released from Jail


Looks like Yandy Smith’s ride-or-die mentality has finally paid off.  On her blog, Everything Girls Love, it was exclusively reported that her fiance’ Mendeecees Harris has been released from prison on $600K bail. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Details surrounding the terms of his release have not surfaced. In an exclusive, Yandy statedWe have been anticipating him getting bail for a while. As you know from the show, every time  I got excited, circumstances came up and threw a wrench in the plan. So this time, I did not get excited until I heard the judge say all the terms were accepted and bail was granted.

Although Mendeecees has not seen his boys as of yet, Yandy confidently stated,I’m SURE it’s going to be like Christmas at our house

Mendeecees mentioned he’s excited to be home and is ready to make up for lost time with his sons and fiance’. Although, Yandy or Mendeecees can not comment about the case, we’re excited for him to be home with his family!




On last season of Love & Hip Hop NY, we watched the many ups and downs involved in Mendeecees imprisonment.  Yandy shed lots of tears throughout the season while trying to maintain her business ventures as well as living the life of a single mom.  I’m sure most viewers are extremely happy for the two, and probably anxious to see what the next step is for their family.




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