Kenya Moore Responds to Charity’s Shade


Kenya Moore recently responded to the statement that was issued by Curtis Benjamin on behalf of the charity Saving Our Daughter.  (If you missed that tea, click —->HERE<—  )

First, Kenya released screenshots of her convo with Curtis.  Check out the screenshots, then I’ll explain to why I smell BS.





Here are a couple of reasons why I’m not buying it.

  1. Kenya starts off by asking Curtis if he “spoke to Nene Saturday night”.  The thing is, this text convo is from October 1st.  The Saturday that she’s mentioning would have been September 28th, which was the same weekend of the event (I believe it was the same night).  So if Curtis spoke to Nene on the day of the event, that still doesn’t mean that Nene knew about it before that day.
  2. Curtis gave Kenya the address to send in her donation.  So obviously, at that point, she hadn’t donated any money as of yet. 

Kenya also released images of the checks that she sent in to Saving Our Daughters. 


  1. The check to Saving Our Daughters is dated AFTER the conversation with Curtis where he thanked her and gave her the address to send in donations.
  2. In the statement that he issued, he mentioned that she donated $500 to their Christmas donation drive.  It’s quite possible that the $500 check she is showing was actually for the donation drive.  Especially since it seems like a few messages are not included.  (The last screenshot was taken at 2:34 am, but the screenshots leading up to it were taken after that. )

She also released the following statement to

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Curtis Benjamin was not aware of the effort I put into trying to make the event a success for Saving Our Daughters or overlooked the texts regarding the intended honoree. I spent over $10,000 dollars to make the charity event successful, in addition to making a personal donation from the event as well as forwarding any and all donations collected.  I hope the focus can shift to the young girls and I wish the organization nothing but the best in the future.”

Nae’s Note: Kenya, if you spent over $10,000 for the event, you’re missing a few check images, aren’t you?

Maybe I’m just biased (cuz I can’t stand Kenya’s crazy ass) but I’m calling her bluff on this one.  I just don’t believe anything she has to say, and I definitely don’t believe that a charity would lie on her for no reason, especially if text messages were exchanged proving otherwise.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out on the reunion.


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