Until Death Do You Part: No More Pocket Searches

Til Death

You would think I would be all for scrambling through pockets like a mad scientist, but I am so anti-pocket diggers.  Why?  Well for starters it is  a complete waste of time.  Who still writes down numbers in 2014?  If your S/O doesn’t have a phone to lock his scandals in then you should let it go child.  It’s not worth it.  So what should you be checking?  You guessed it.  His draws!
You should try to make this a daily routine so you may as well go ahead and take up washing clothes every day.  Here are a few tips to tell by his draws whether your dog has been faithful within the last 24 hours.

  1. Skid Marks – While those crust embedded briefs are stomach turning they should comfort you. Very few men are willing to cheat with a new woman with doo-doo stains in their packaging.  Congratulations – your man is nasty but safe.
  2. Silk Draws – I’m sorry. He’s cheating and it’s likely to be with a man. Get tested and let it go girl.
  3. Recycled Draws – Usually if he can go 48 hours plus without changing you are in the nasty world of safe. You are more likely to catch a bacteria infection rather than an STD.
  4. Obvious tells – Some things shouldn’t need explaining but for the sake of those in denial we will list them anyway. Lipstick, semen splatters, perfume smells (that’s right sniff it girl) are all signs that he has been digging in someone else’s play box so once again, get tested.
  5. Normal, Stain-Free, Clean, Cotton Draws – You got yourself a slick one child. The best approach is to run up and scream “Who you been sleeping with?!”  Refer to Blog 1 to see if he’s telling the truth.

Make this a part of your daily healthy relationship routine!

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