WTF?!? R. Kelly & Lady Gaga’s Foolish SNL Performance

gagaLast night, it was all over Twitter that R Kelly performed with Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live.  I couldn’t wait to find the video because I’ve always been a Kellz fan.  Unfortunately, Twitter did not prepare me for the fuckery that played out on my screen.

gaga2The duo performed their new single “Do What U Want” and I can only imagine what the audience was thinking as these two fools crawled on the floor and dry humped like never before. 


Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed Lady Gaga’s performances, but her vocals slay everytime.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as her performing with R. Kelly, but I couldn’t have made this up in my wildest dreams.  It was like a crack-induced episode of Dancing With The Stars.  Just petty…..childish even. 

Check out their performance below and tell us what you think.

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