Stevie J’s pregnant mistress joining the cast of LHHATL?

stevie promise

Next season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has already gotten interesting.  For all of those that thought Stevie J might have actually settled down, meet Lacefront Shawty Promise B Mae.   Promise is an up-and-coming singer and a potential addition to Stevie’s Life Partner Gang.

Here’s how it all started.  Apparently, a “friend” of Promise released screenshots  of a conversation they recently had. Homegirl says that Stevie J had a falling out with the alleged baby mama and she’s threatening to not keep the baby. “They have been seriously beefing so she told me about a week ago that she will be having an abortion if he don’t get his shit together and stop keeping her a secret because of TV purposes and cause of Joseline.” 

textShe was also kind enough to provide a screenshot of Promise’s Instagram feed.  Since Promise changed her number, Stevie had no other choice but to express his concerns in the comments of one of her IG posts.  Right?


Promise recently released a diss song titled “How I Do It” aimed at Mr. & Mrs. Steebie J.  I would post it for you to hear, but it’s not even worth the extra clicks.  Trust me, I’m doing you a favor.

Here’s the thing….at this point, I don’t really believe anything about Love & Hip Hop anymore.  That whole Kirk/Rasheeda drama grew into something so over the top, I just have a hard time believing it was real.  But all this extra right here, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all one of Mona Scott Young’s publicity stunts.  How convenient is it that all of this drama is taking place now?  I guess we’ll just have to sit back and watch it all unfold.

We know Hasleen…..we know

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