Beige on Beige Violence Erupts on the Set of RHOA

Apollo Nida vs. Brandon DeShazer
Apollo Nida vs. Brandon DeShazer

Another disappointment for the #TeamLightSkin comeback.  Last week, the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta was attending a party when all hell broke loose. Apollo Nida (down-low husband of Phaedra Parks) and Brandon DeShazer (Kenya Moore‘s “assistant”) ended up in a physical altercation.

There are two versions of what caused the fight.  The more popular version is that it all stemmed from the Donkey Booty/Stallion Booty workout DVD drama from last season.  Apollo was still very angry about Kenya’s copycat DVD and felt that Brandon had a big part in it.  Apollo allegedly attacked Brandon and it took 7 crew members to restrain him before he finally calmed down and left.


Apollo is telling a completely different story.  He claims that a fight broke out on set and he was trying to break up the fight when he was attacked by Brandon.  Apollo says that once Brandon attacked him, he defended himself and everything escalated quickly.

TMZ caught up with Brandon at LAX airport over the weekend, and he wouldn’t give up too many details. When asked if he suffered any injuries from the fight he responded “Bruises, bones, and stitches inside my cheek.”  *Insert side eye here*  As he was making his way out of the doors he said, “I’m just gonna follow my grandmother’s advice.  Pray for him and let my attorney handle the rest.”  Girl…bye.


Y’all……seriously?  First off, why are they still hashing this DVD drama out?  They’re acting worse than BBW with the constant Evelyn/Ochocinco chat.  Second, why are Apollo and Brandon beefing over Phaedra and Kenya’s DVD issue?  These stunt queens are just outta hand.  I’m sure Brandon loved the extra camera time.  (Remember his disagreement with Peter Thomas at Kenya’s costume party last season?)  Luckily, the cameras were rolling so we’ll see it all play out on the next season.

I’m waiting on Al B. Sure and El Debarge to announce a press conference addressing their beige brethren.  First Chris Brown and Drake, now this?


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