LHHATL’s Kirk Frost…. Boy Bye!



So last night, a new episode of Love and Hip Hop – Atlanta aired on VH1.  There was lots of foolery going on.  From flower swingin’ (K. Michelle & Mimi) to drags fightin (Che Mack & Joseline) heauxs on a pool table strippin’ (Benzino’s “house party”) and a random Bobby V cameo.  There was even a hint of “Oceans Eleven” (DJ Babey Drew, Traci Steele, and their missing coins).  But what took the cake for ME…..was the lowkey Maury Povich drama with Rasheeda and her husband Kirk.

For a quick recap, on the last episode Rasheeda told Kirk that she is pregnant.  Rasheeda was surprised but happy.  As most of you probably remember from last season, Kirk had really been pushing Rasheeda to put more focus on their family life.  What better way to have a fresh start than with a new bundle of joy?  Right?


Unfortunately, Kirk was not as happy.  He was quick to remind Rasheeda that she chose to stop taking birth control.  He even mentioned that he was careful to “pull out”.  Yup, you read that correctly.  A grown ass man…..talking about pulling out.  Sir, this was not Senior Prom night.  Y’all have been married for over 10 years.  You have several children and have the audacity to sit your dumb ass on TV talking about pulling out?!?


Well last night, he approached his loving wife to gently suggest “taking care of it”.  An abortion sir?  You’re borrowing Stevie J’s moves now???  In the preview for next week’s episode Kirk goes so far as to confront Rasheeda about needing a DNA test.  His reason for contesting the paternity: “You are a rapper, right?”


Boy look, I don’t know if y’all are just making this shit up as y’all go to have a storyline but you and that extra-large ass adam’s apple need to cut the shit & get it together.  Stop acting like somebody’s sorry ass baby daddy.  No shade….but it ain’t like the baby is messing up any world tour plans.  Chill out.

What are your thoughts???



  1. I feel like its fucked up cause at the end of the day they are married and when your married thats what ppl do is reproduce like wtf this nigga is probably shady cause he lettin that reality stardom get to his head he needs to put her first and let that material bS go before his ass lose everything he has….. If he quit worrying bout them strippers rubbin his bald ass head maybe he could get his mind right!!!! Tuh!!!!

    • Right. Just last season he was so upset that Rasheeda wasn’t focusing on their family life first. Now all of a sudden it’s an inconvenience? Let’s be real…he’s just his wife’s manager. He has nothing else going on. So I just don’t see what his problem is.

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