When Live Performances Go Wrong……


I’m really not one to watch awards shows.  I always get bored after the first twenty minutes.  But, I was determined to bring this blog out of hiatus, so I watched hoping I would find something worth talking about.  Ask and you shall receive honey.  Miguel gave me everything I was hoping for and so much more.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Leap Heard ‘Round The World.  Miguel was performing his hit song “Adorn”.  I absolutely love this song.  Miguel is one of the few vocalists that actually sounds good while performing his songs (and not just good on the radio like Rihanna some folks).  The only thing I hate about his performances is that he always seems to do the absolute most.  A minimum of 3 James Brown splits, a little perculating, just a little too much of everything.

Well last night, he learned the hard way.  I’m not sure what type of drugs were flowing through his system, but as he neared the finale, he decided “I’m not gonna walk around.  I’m just gonna jump smooth over this mosh pit of people and land on the other stage.”  Seems okay, right?


He took two ladies DOWN!!!  He kicked one in the face with his kitten heel and literally sat on the other girl’s face.  Listen…..this was live televison gold right here.  And when I tell you he did not stop or miss a beat, he picked up that microphone and kept right on singing like he was managed by Matthew Knowles.  Needless to say, Photoshop and Twitter came together for a night of priceless laughs.  Here are some of my faves:





Later, Miguel took to Twitter to let everyone know that the victim was okay:


This resulted in a trending hashtag of #PrayforKhyati2013.  Also, Miguel and Khyati did a backstage interview.  That’s right.  Khyati put on a brave face and her ice pack and let the world know that she was still here.




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