YouTube Sensations: Over it!

Antoine Dodson & Sweet Brown

YouTube will make a simpleton think they are a celebrity with no qualms! Antoine Dodson, Sweet Brown, Gangsta Granny, etc have “come-up” after their videos were posted on YouTube. Most of these fools are doing interviews for their local news stations. Most of the time the person being interviewed is African-American and looks a mess. The interviewees are telling the story of rape, robbery, or fire to the reporters not thinking of how foolish they sound or look.


Tea in the Shade resides in Houston, TX and we now have our very own YouTube sensation. Michelle Clark was interviewed by KPRC Local 2 News in Brookshire, TX (Houston outskirts) regarding a hail storm. She was so dramatic, camera ready, and even had her own slogan – “Kabooyow”. I truly believe she was prepared and more than eager to report. To me it was her intention to be interviewed and posted to YouTube. See the video below:

Michelle Clark did a follow-up interview stating she is excited about the fame and recognition she was receiving as the Kabooyaw Lady. She states she was just being herself and glad that people love her for who she is. Ma’am are you crazy!?!? You are not famous and we still do not know who you are! Why is being a celebrity so important to people? Why does everyone think they want the fame and money? Chile.. be successful in something else. Stop exploiting yourself to YouTube. Trust we are not laughing with you in hopes of buying your album or printed t-shirts!! We do not know you or love you! We are dying laughing at you and sending the video to everyone we know! We do not want your autograph & if I do recognize you in public, I will continue to laugh. Go on somewhere with this bullshit!!


I ran into Phillip and Emmanuel AKA “She Ratchett” when I was home in Shreveport after they became YouTube sensations. They were in town to perform She Ratchett at a “CELEBRITY” basketball game that Stromile Swift.. WAIT, let me explain who this is! Stromile is from Shreveport.. barely graduated high school.. made it to college because of basketball… could not pass the ACT or SAT… somehow got drafted into the NBA…. wasn’t there long.. ended up playing overseas… now he is back in Shreveport getting arrested for stalking/kidnapping people. Moving along, Phillip and Emmanuel acted as if they were real life celebrities!!! I asked them to do their little act and got no response. I mean, acted as if I was supposed to be glad they acknowledged me. Listen Honey… y’all standing outside of KoKo’s with me! You not that much of a celeb, your entourage didn’t get your underage asses inside!


Keep the 15 minutes of fame on YouTube. Y’all are not real celebrities! I am so over seeing people after their YouTube success pop up with new things. You don’t see “Scarlett Takes a Tumble” in furniture commercials! We love to laugh at you all for the moment but TRUST there is someone else uploading a video that will take your shine and POOF, you have been forgotten.


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