Erica Mena releases the worst music video ever


Yall…..listen…..I knew this video would probably be a hot ass mess, but this?

First it begins with the song title, almost as if we were watching a movie.  You can tell this video is going straight to hell when it says “Staring Erica Mena”.  Not starring, but staring.  Couldn’t afford someone with a middle school education that could proofread?


From there, she sits at a Motel 6 hotel room desk and pours a glass of liquor, completely unaware of the stack of papers & pen sitting right in front of her.  For some reason, it goes straight from this scene to a shot of her laying in a 4 inch deep bubble bath…fully dressed.  Well, except for her shirt being unbuttoned down to the bottom of her bra.  And she lip syncs her auto-tuned heart out.

deskNow, cut back to the desk.  She finally notices the obvious letter that’s been left there for her.  She reads the Dear John letter as she demonstrates every single sad/confused look that she can think of.


Naturally it cuts back to the bath tub scene.  She suddenly decides to unbutton her shirt and splash the water around and all over herself, because that’s what everybody does when they’ve gotten their heart broken, right?  Somewhere in there her jeans disappeared or evaporated, hell I don’t know.  From there, she does what any woman would do.  Take off everything and slow-motion-sing in the shower.

showerI just can’t.  I really wanted her to be great.  Even though she ain’t shit but a fake ass Evelyn Lozada, I still tried to overlook that and let her be great.  But this right here…..ain’t nobody got time fa dat.  She needs to just upload this video on Pornhub and move forward in her life.  Shit like this will get you nowhere except hosting Freaky Friday at Club Elegante’.

Feel free to watch the video for yourself and let us know what you think.


  1. Wait. ……… This is horrible. I thought Rich told her ass this wasnt her sing anymore!? This is lightweight porn AND whoever directed is a lightweight perv….”so your tits more, yea right there, good baby…” She can’t sing worth a damn and the auto tune ain’t helping. Lastly… This bitch is singing about another woman and I’m mad I watched the whole video and found out!

  2. ok wth? she needs a refund from who ever she paid to shoot this for her! like she needs to give it up! omg horrible doesn’t even come close to what this is…i don’t know what is worse the fact that it looks like a porno or the fact that she dont know the words to her own song?! the lips were off so much in this video and baby the over acting made it a hot mess! ok i think u need to give that song back to olivia even though she trippin with herself too but her videos are way better lol and go back to modeling and whatever you call it club promoting and leave it to the professionals….cause this show and this video is giving you a bad rep boo!!! sorry but hated it (in my damon wayans wit 2 snaps with both arms in a wind mill motion voice) hahahaha

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