BFFs once more….. Kim & NeNe kiss and make up

Reunited and it feeeels so goooooooood….


Yes….you read it right.  Kim Zolciak & NeNe Leakes have made amends and plan on moving forward in their friendship.  Apparently, it began with them letting bygones be bygones at the reunion special that is set to air next month on Bravo!  NeNe later interviewed with In Touch magazine regarding her wedding and said:

“I will definitely invite every castmate from every show I’m on. I don’t know who’s available but they’re all on the list! Cynthia will be a bridesmaid. And Kim will be invited as well.  And I believe she’ll come.”

The besties during better times.........
The besties during better times………

In Touch also reached out to Synthetic Barbie Kim Zolciak who responded:

“I have always been and I continue to be happy for Nene, and I look forward to being invited to the wedding.  NeNe and I started this journey together and although we have had our ups and downs, I am excited to get our friendship back on track.  We were friends long before RHOA, and we will be friends long after RHOA if it’s up to me.”

The ladies & Kim’s daughter Brielle even took part in a family reunion today………via Twitter.

brielle tweetnenetweetkimtweet

Chiiiiiile…..listen.  I am a true Cancer.  I love happy endings, whether it’s a relationship, family, or friendships.  But baby this right here……I just can’t.  Now I won’t lie, I am a hardcore NeNe stan.  Yes, I live for my Auntie NeNe.  Last season, I felt like her personal issues made her a very angry woman.  It seemed like she was negative about everyone and everything.  I am sooooo happy that this season she has really found her sense of happiness.  Maybe that negativity helped cause the fifth demise of their friendship.  It’s a big thing for these two ladies to put their pride aside and move forward.  Idk.  I think it’s great when people decide to let go of grudges and move forward in life.  I’m just not sure how long this one will last though.  Your opinions???

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