Say It Ain’t So: Kordell DIVORCES Porsha

What once was....
What once was….

*le sigh*  It’s with deep regret & heavy hearts (insert side eye here) that we share the news that Kordell Hammerhead Stewart has filed for divorce from Porsha 265 days a year Stewart after 1½ years of marriage.

Cue the violins
Cue the violins

On Friday afternoon, Kordell filed a divorce petition in Fulton County Superior Court.  In it, he states that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and that they are currently separated.  He goes further and says that he shouldn’t have to pay spousal support because Porsha is “an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself.”  Oh?

Listen Porsha……no lie, I didn’t care for you at the beginning of this season.  I just felt like you didn’t have the sense that the good Lord gave a grape.  Just dumb, ya know?  But the last few episodes, you kinda grew on me.  You just need a lil guidance.  You just need a true friend to say “Bitch, shut your dumb ass up girl.”  In a good way.

And furthermore, no shade intended, I kinda feel like…….well… know that moment that your homegirl FINALLY breaks up with her sorry ass man?  On the inside you are praising our Lord and Saviour but on the outside you have to pretend like you feel bad?  That’s where I am right now with this.  I’ll console you and pass you tissue but there’s a PRRAAAAAIIIIIISE on the inside……


Now there’s a lot of talks that Porsha will not be returning for the next season of RHOA & that Bravo has already started considering her replacement. She took to Twitter to deny those claims, saying that she’s still deciding on whether or not she will return.



Whether she returns or  not, we do sincerely wish the best for her.  Hopefully she can use this as a chance to achieve her own goals and make a name for herself.  More importantly, I hope she will find a man that will respect her goals & aspirations.  Talk to us!  What are your thoughts?


  1. Let the church say Amen! and Amen again!! Hmmmm wonder what secrets will be coming out now ….. I will stay tuned

  2. I’m glad he is leaving her so she wouldn’t have to leave his controlling ugly Ass!!!!… She can do better he may not be rich but I’m sure better. She just have to stop acting so damn blonde. He knew what he married anyway!!!

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