LHHNY: Episode Recap

The cast of Love & Hip Hop New York
The cast of Love & Hip Hop New York

With so much drama in The NYC….

What aspect of the show should we address first? Let’s starts with weak ass Rich Dollaz! Why sir do you let Erica play you? I understand the power of the pussy because I have one, but you’re letting this broad play you publicly!! But wait – this new broad Tiffany is playing you too? Yes Rich, we are judging you.


Tiffany revealed to Olivia that she has been spying on Erica for Rich but she somehow got into a relationship with Erica as well….where they do that at? She then says that she’s madly in love with Rich and he needs to leave Erica. Rich is just getting free goods. He isn’t committed to either one of them but smashing them both. This irrational behavior from Rich, Erica and Tiffany spawns an intervention; Olivia calls his mom! Y’all know Mom Dollaz don’t play that shit. They expressed to him their concern & told him his life is going down hill and he needs to pull it together… This story of course is not over.  We touched on the next episode already in our Nail Shop Rumble post.


Moving on chile… Joe Budden has no regards for these hoes. He told Kaylin that he’s going to Dominican Republic with Tahiry to see if he still loves her. Kaylin is hurt & crying but tells him she understands. Tina Kaylin, this can’t be life for you! I understand that you are homeless and have nothing but to let Joe leave and tell you he is not concerned about your well-being is just dumb! Babygirl, you need to get your hustle on and let his ass go. Joe don’t really want you! For him to tell you that he is not concerned with what you do if he returns with Tahiry should have been a clue. He knows your oddly shaped teeth ass will be there when he returns. A bitch like me would have let him leave and when he returned, his house would be empty & I would be gone! I would sell all that shit with no QUALMS!!!

Tahiry and Joe in DR was typical them. Joe wanted to smash; Tahiry wasn’t having it. She met with Casanova her dad to discuss the pain and her difficulty with men, Joe in particular. Nothing interesting happened in DR but the scenery and beach dinner was beautiful.


I was in tears whenever Mendecees & Yandy segments were on. They were on such a high note after the amazing proposal, then tragedy struck. The Feds came knocking at the door for him and wanted to ask him some questions. Assuming he wasn’t home, they were on the look out for him. Yandy went to talk to Kimbella for some homegirl support. Mendeecees knew what was ahead for him so he wanted to speak with his son about what might happen. Everything about this moment was sweet. From the matching sweaters to his son wiping his tears. I could not imagine how difficult it is to let your son know you could be gone to prison for some years.  Honey I was crying like that was our son he was talking to. I felt so bad for Yandy and Mendecees.  He ended up surrendering going in for questioning. Currently, he is on trial for drug charges but Yandy is standing by her man.


Industry Ho Raqi is really trying to get on. She is so desperate for this radio show, she lets the puppeteer send her to Tahiry to mend the issues before he considers working with her. Fuck that!! Raqi do what you need to do for yourself! You have already fucked up with half of the industry due to your beef with Cons. Remain a DJ, no one is interested in you doing anything else. Tahiry wasn’t hearing that shit anyway.


Lastly, there is whining ass Jen and Cons. Jen is right for demanding that he respects her and treats her right. However, you knew what kind of dude you were with from jump. Cons is not interested in tears and does not give a shit about how you feel. He shouldn’t take his frustrations out on you for sure but this isn’t new to you girl… He makes the money and feels he has the right to say what he wants & when he wants. Jen, you will never get treated like the white angel you think you are. He will never be romantic, sweet, compassionate or understanding. Having his baby only made this worse. Get your career back and move on.

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  1. I hate that Mendecees has to leave his family when he worked so hard to provide for them. His older son is so adorable! Now for Mr. Rich you are a grown man….why is your mother conducting your love life?! You must have that good good to make these women go crazy over you. Just leave your business and mother out of your personal affairs. Joe stop stringing along these women until you get yourself together and handle your addiction. Cons please put a sock in Jen’s mouth. Her voice is so annoying!!!!

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