Ochocinco: A man scorned????


What is really going on in sunny Miami? Twitter beef that is. Chad and Evenlyn’s relationship issues seem to always spill on Twitter. Their first twitter encounter was harmless flirting via the social network. Not soon after, they decided to meet. Once he smashed on the first night, they fell in lust love. Through reality shows & sightings we were left to determine if the relationship was real or a facade. Once married, it seemed to be all good but we sooned discovered it wasn’t. Everything fell to shambles just as quickly as it came together. Ev’s forehead was bust to the white meat injured, Chad was in jail with no job, and Iyanla was to fix Ev’s life.


Well honey, they are still going at it!!! This all started when Ev’s PR agent (@danikadbagency) made jabs comments regarding Chad. Chile, why did she do that? Chad lost his gentleman composure, tweeting that Ev is smashing Baby someone in YMCMB(basically saying that’s how she got a book deal) and many other things. See some tweets below.OC3OC2

The PR’s tweets didn’t reveal much as it seems she deleted the tweets. Nervous much? Don’t be scared. My source says, ” He’s really nice except that one time he headbutt ol’ girl”. Deleting her tweets only fueled Chad’s fire. Ev tweeted as if she is above the drama saying:EV1 EV2

However, there was someone else that just couldn’t let his comments slide, Shaniece Hairston. Ev’s daughter went off, off, off on her stepdad Chad. Her tweets:SH2SH1 Girl did you really just say that? She must not live in Miami because her head will soon be bust open too! And if he buying followers, why hasn’t he paid me? Glad he didn’t respond to her rant. She’s a child and needs to stay in a child’s place.ev2

Should Ocho have gone off on Ev?  Was she cheating too?  Is she smashing to get ahead?


  1. Girl!!! Seems like he is a little bitter about the issue…i mean yea she had her flaws but she ain’t running around making babies and not takin care of them…oh don’t let me start on that crazy stuff he into n e way congrats to ev for getting it right this tme and her daughter is doing what any of us would do for our mother if a punk ass was talking down!

  2. Wow..Very interesting I’m not on twitter but nice to know…keep it up Tea in the Shade Love it!
    Just one more thing Shaniece Harrison mind yo damn business……..

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