North West isn’t just a direction….


It’s rumored that Kanye & Kim will name their little bambino North. Like really? What kind of name is that? Celebrities are notorious for choosing non-traditional names. But North? North West? I’m just stunned. I for certain thought the name would start with a K; Kanye, Kim, Kris Humphries. Catch my drift? But leave it to Mr. West to go east. He’s been off his rocker lately in regards to everyone and everything. What’s the problem Ye?


It is also rumored that Kim feels she’s so large, Kanye’s eyes may wander. She’s reportedly upset that everyone is seeing her as a fat whale and not just expecting. Get over it Kim!! You’re huge! You are not carrying well at all. You’re spreading like the plague!!

The infamous Shamu pic
The infamous Shamu pic

Lets hope you get that body back. I wouldn’t be able to deal with your crying ass all the damn time. Until then, we will continue to call you Shamu & wait for you to drop that load.

Kanye's Beautiful Nightmare
Kanye’s Beautiful Nightmare

I know people have the right to choose the name of their choice but again North West?

Your thoughts?


  1. I am not a fan of Shamu never have and not impressed even more so now!!!! Kanye doesn’t compliment her, he only makes her look worst in my opinion.

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