Keyshia Cole: The Newest Bitter Bitch

Keyshia Cole once again felt the need to give her pointless opinion regarding the release of Beyonce’s “Bow Down”. She took to Twitter to express how she felt about the song and its lyrics. She was of course attacked by the BeyHive( WE DON’T PLAY THAT SHIT!!)!!


Keyshia continues to put her foot in her mouth by responding to her Twitter critics. When will Boobie’s Wife  Keyshia get the memo? Your thoughts/comments are not needed! Just because you have Twitter doesn’t mean use it. Especially when it comes to Beyonce or anyone more relevant than her for that matter. Please use the Italian side of your brain(first locate your father.. Italian, really?) because the crackhead  Frankie side of you is clueless. 




The BeyHive swarmed you because you really have no receipts that add up to Beyonce.receipts

Please stay in your lane hoe Keyshia! Don’t get mad at Bey because you walked in on Daniel reppin’ H-Town and bumping the screw portion of Bow Down. Be a wife, mother, and makeup-to-breakup song writer. That is all you can do. We do not require anything more from you. Image

Charlamagne said it best on The Breakfast Club when Keyshia Cole was the Donkey of  the Day, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Stick to the Ciara’s and Keri Hilson’s you’re used to”!!!! Cause that will be the ONLY award you will receive this year!!


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