King Bey commands the b*tches to “Bow Down”

I took some time to live my life

but don’t think I’m just his little wife

Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted

It’s my sh*t…………..Bow Down B*tches!

Now what better way to kick off this blog than with the newest release from King Bey herself?!?  Yesterday, on her Instagram account (@baddiebey), Beyonce’ simply posted the below photo with her tumblr address as the caption.

Baaaaabbyyyyyy, Mrs Carter uploaded a single that has set Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/your local radio station on fiyyah!!!  This is definitely a song that you either love or hate.  Either way, Bey is letting it be known that she’s here to stay and these other girls are just lucky she lets them roam on the playground.

The song starts off extremely upbeat and she proceeds to serenade Keyshia, Rihanna, Keri,  unnamed bitches with a gentle reminder of whose territory this is.  Instead of a second verse, H-Town’s own slows it down with a screwed verse and freestyle.  Not only is she schooling R&B flops songstresses, but she even gave a lil lesson to Drake new rappers on how screw is really done.  So……what are your thoughts?


  1. I have a little mixed feelings about the song…i mean i like her as an artist but she been out for a while and just now start repping where she from???…when there many artists whom rep always!!!…im just saying but the song cool though…seems like she got some stuff she wanna say to some folks but dont wanna out them like that!!!!…I mean I am just saying lol

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